Agent Carter Panel

She knows her value! Agent Carter Panel now available on my Etsy site. A minimalist design of Peggy Carter in her iconic hat standing in front of the SSR symbol. Made using copper foil method. Glass paint used for the ribbons on her hat and the details on her shirt. Measures 12.25″ x 9.5″. Photos show …


Etsy Birthday Sale!

Etsy is turning 13 so from June 18 to 22 we’re having a sale on the Etsy page! Use this link to get 13% all purchases on Glassola’s Etsy page: Happy shopping!


I found out that my friend and mentor, Dave, died on November 12, 2017, due to complications from pneumonia. Attached here are two terrible photos of Dave and one of him doing what he did – stained glass. I took these at the store he worked at, Abbey Stained Glass in Aldershot. I think he’d …


I Want to Believe

I’ve finally made a bigger version of the I Want to Believe poster that I’ve been putting in my X-Files candleholder: Here it is in window light: And here it is in ambient light: It measures 8″x10″. And now available on my Etsy site!

New! Star Wars Window Cling

Get a 6″x7″ print on removable static cling vinyl of my Star Wars stained glass panel from my Etsy site. Simply peel and stick to any glass surface. The first photo shows how it looks in a window: The second photo shows how it looks on its backing: Go here to see the rest of …


Happy Human Suncatcher

The Happy Human is the international symbol of secular humanism. This suncatcher was made with blue glass with a clear glass background. It measures 6″x4″ and was made using the copper foil method.For sale on my Etsy site.

repair job – TTC streetcar suncatcher

A colleague whose father worked at the TTC asked me to repair this streetcar suncatcher. Apparently, TTC would give employees suncatchers like this for milestone anniversaries. I couldn’t find anything about this piece after a brief Google search, so I don’t know how it was supposed to look originally. It came to me falling apart, …


Clone Club

Orphan Black inspired stained glass panel. The two photos show it in ambient light and illuminated by daylight. It measures 14.75″x22.5″. Glass paint was used for the lettering on Cosima’s lab coat, the blood on Helena’s dress, and for Helena’s roots. Contact for information on purchasing.


14″x18.5″ panel with diagonally cut clear glass of different textures and square blue and purple accents. Contact for information on purchasing.

steampunk suncatcher

Just sold this 6″x6″ suncatcher. It was made with various brown and clear glasses and small gears for an accent. Made using the copper foil method. The gears were glued down and the soldering was stained with copper coloured patina.

Fandom Stained Glass Window Clings!

Now available on my Etsy site: Fandom Stained Glass Window Clings! Can’t afford the real thing? Don’t want a huge panel? Here’s the next best thing to real stained glass! Get all five prints of my fandom stained glass on removable static cling vinyl – Sherlock, Spock, X-files, Harry Potter, and the Tenth Doctor. Simply …



A commission for a 13 year old boy’s birthday. I based it on this image. The eyes and the M in the hat are made with glass paint. The panel is 10″x12″. Here it is in window light:   And here it is in ambient light:

Harry Potter Triptych

This Harry Potter Triptych features Ron, Harry with Hedwig, and Hermione. Here it is in ambient light: Here it is illuminated:   This is a commissioned panel. The client asked for the dimensions of 32″ x 12″ to fit a basement window. Glass paint was used for the stripes on the ties, Hedwig’s eyes, and …


Stained Glass Mosaics

My first attempts at mosaics. I can say it’s easier than stained glass, but way messier. The pieces that are in frames are glass-on-glass, using Weldbond to apply the stained glass. The glass in the Rebel symbol on the right was applied with tile adhesive. The grout used in all three pieces was mosaic grout …


Robot panel

  20″x30″ commissioned panel for a boy’s room. Marbles used to look like stars and glass paint for the eyes. First photo is the panel  illuminated and the second photo is of the panel in ambient light. Click on the image for links to a larger version.

Laundry Room Panel

21″x35″ New panel for my laundry room so I could take down the ugly blinds and let in some natural light. I wanted it to look like bubbles since it’s in a room that’s all about cleaning. The blues were all from scrap glass I had leftover from other projects. The clears are all different …