I found out that my friend and mentor, Dave, died on November 12, 2017, due to complications from pneumonia. Attached here are two terrible photos of Dave and one of him doing what he did – stained glass. I took these at the store he worked at, Abbey Stained Glass in Aldershot. I think he’d …


I Want to Believe

I’ve finally made a bigger version of the I Want to Believe poster that I’ve been putting in my X-Files candleholder: Here it is in window light: And here it is in ambient light: It measures 8″x10″. And now available on my Etsy site!

New! Star Wars Window Cling

Get a 6″x7″ print on removable static cling vinyl of my Star Wars stained glass panel from my Etsy site. Simply peel and stick to any glass surface. The first photo shows how it looks in a window: The second photo shows how it looks on its backing: Go here to see the rest of …


steampunk suncatcher

Just sold this 6″x6″ suncatcher. It was made with various brown and clear glasses and small gears for an accent. Made using the copper foil method. The gears were glued down and the soldering was stained with copper coloured patina.


A commission for a 13 year old boy’s birthday. I based it on this image. The eyes and the M in the hat are made with glass paint. The panel is 10″x12″. Here it is in window light:   And here it is in ambient light:

Robot panel

  20″x30″ commissioned panel for a boy’s room. Marbles used to look like stars and glass paint for the eyes. First photo is the panel  illuminated and the second photo is of the panel in ambient light. Click on the image for links to a larger version.