X-Files pieces


I had a couple of X-Files things to do over the summer. The first was a commission of my IWTB poster panel: The customer asked for a much bigger size than I usually make it – 11×14″ as opposed to 8×10″. It’s still a fun piece to make. The second was my XF candleholder, which […]

I Want to Believe


I’ve made another I Want to Believe panel. Here it is in window light: And here it is in ambient light: Based on the iconic X-files poster. It measures about 8.5″ x 10.5″. Available on my Etsy site!

X-Files Candle Holder


X-files themed candle holder:   And with a lit tealight: 3″x3″x4″. Glass paint was used for the tiny FBI badges and Scully’s necklace. Find it for sale on my Etsy page.

Glassola at the CNE!


If you’re visiting the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) this summer, the exhibit, Let Your Fandom Flag Fly, features 3 of my stained glass panels and several photos of my work.

Mulder & Scully 2

X-Files 3

X-Files was my first fandom and I will never be as obsessed with a show as I was with this one. So I had to make another X-Files panel. This one was 14.5×18.5″ panel. It’s based on my other minimalist design of Mulder and Scully with a few more embellishments. Made using copper foil method, […]

Mulder and Scully

X-Files 2 Daylight

Mulder and Scully. Glass paint used for badges and Scully’s necklace 9.5″ x 12.5″