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I had a couple of X-Files things to do over the summer. The first was a commission of my IWTB poster panel:

The customer asked for a much bigger size than I usually make it – 11×14″ as opposed to 8×10″. It’s still a fun piece to make.

The second was my XF candleholder, which I was giving as a birthday present to my BFF.

It measures 3.25×3.25×4″. Glass paint was used for Scully’s cross and the FBI badges. This is the 6th time I’ve made this candleholder.

E-mail me or comment if you’d like to purchase one of your own panel or candleholder.

5 thoughts on “X-Files pieces”

  1. Steph says:

    Hi Karen, saw your post on the X-File FB page. Interested to know a bit more about pricing and postage. Feel free to email me please. Super cool!

    1. Glassola says:

      Hi there. Thank you for your comment! However, my name is not Karen, it’s Mei, and I did not post this on FB. I would like to know if someone is taking credit for my work though so if you don’t mind letting me know where you saw it so I can comment on the post with the correct information, that would be great.

      I will send you an e-mail to get more info regarding which piece you are interested in.

      Thanks again!

  2. Freda Whaley says:

    I love this. How can I order one and price?

    1. Glassola says:

      Hi Freda. Thank you for commenting! Which piece are you interested in? The panel or the candle holder? The panel price depends on size. The candle holder goes for about $85. Feel free to e-mail me more details about what size you are thinking if it’s the panel you are interested in. info@glassola.ca

      Thanks for your interest!

    2. Glassola says:

      I should also note that I have an XF static cling sticker for sale on my Etsy site: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/489035175/x-files-stained-glass-window-cling. This is a print of a photo of a panel I made in the past. It sells for $7.25CAD and is a great affordable small gift. It sticks on your window or glass surface. It’s removable and doesn’t leave any residue.

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