X-Files pieces


I had a couple of X-Files things to do over the summer. The first was a commission of my IWTB poster panel: The customer asked for a much bigger size than I usually make it – 11×14″ as opposed to 8×10″. It’s still a fun piece to make. The second was my XF candleholder, which […]

An Ineffable Duo


Truly holy and definitively wicked… A Good Omens inspired stained glass panel, featuring Crowley and Aziraphale, as they were portrayed in the Good Omens miniseries by David Tennant and Michael Sheen. Design is a minimalist style. It measures approximately 21.75″ by 13.75″. Made using copper foil method. Glass paint was used for Crowley’s tattoo and […]

Clear Textured Glass Panels


I was commissioned to make 2 large panels for a window above a staircase. The panels are all different rectangles of clear textured glass. Bevels are used as a border. Each panel measures 36″x16″:

Happy Human Panel


I received a commission to make a Happy Human panel for a couple’s upcoming wedding. As a Humanist Marriage Officiant, I was happy to help out some fellow Humanists for their big day!

Clone Club


Orphan Black inspired stained glass panel. The two photos show it in ambient light and illuminated by daylight. It measures 14.75″x22.5″. Glass paint was used for the lettering on Cosima’s lab coat, the blood on Helena’s dress, and for Helena’s roots. Contact glassola.info@gmail.com for information on purchasing.